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Underwater school of fish

Which lure to use ?

Tail Selection: Jerk Shads, Paddle Shads, Curl Tail Grubs, Paddle Tails and Frogs.

Jerk Shads

longtail tuna caught on a gobblers lures 4.75 inch jerk shad in lime slammer colour

Gobblers Lures Jerk Shads are unique and have been specifically designed to out-perform other lures in almost all environments.

Our range covers 5 different sizes in the Jerk Shad style, and you can have these sizes in any colour we offer in our online shop.


Gobblers Lures Jerk Shads have a built-in hook slot in the belly in our 2.75" 3.75", 4.75" & 6"sizes, to give the angler a huge choice in rigging styles. The longer tails create superior action on the lure in combination with the subtle ribbed design pattern on the lure to create vibration.

Our Jerk Shads are designed to swim dead straight on fast retrieves which make them ideal for sight casting at big Pelagic's like busting Tuna, Wahoo and Mackerel and are deadly on Reef species like Snapper & Spangled Emperor etc when hopped off the bottom.

Paddle Shads

This is one of my favourite Flathead lures but, it takes a wide variety of species. This is a hybrid of the Jerk Shad and the Paddle Tail combined.

Some of the advantages of this style of lure with it's slim profile is that it casts further than the Paddle Tail. The tail design has a thinner wrist which allows it to be worked at slow speeds or high speed.

We offer 2 sizes the 3.75" & 4.75". The 3.75" model doesn't have a belly slot. The advantage in this case is that you can cut the lure back if you want a smaller offering or when it has suffered some damage from catching multiple fish and extend its life. We have had customers report they have caught more than 40 fish on a single 3.75" Paddle Shad lure!


A slow hop off the bottom with a jiggle of the rod tip before allowing the lure to swim back down to the bottom is a great way to use these lures for Flathead. If targeting Mangrove Jack, Barramundi, Trevally a constant retrieve is a better option.


Gobblers Lures Paddle Shads are designed to swim dead straight and create a superior action in the water that drives fish nuts. They are also great for beginners because tail action does all the hard work for you.

a big flathead caught aboard capn's charters on a 4.75 inch paddle shad in uv croc bait colour

Curl Tail Grubs

flathead caught on a 4 inch curl tail grub in white magic colour by darren hudson

Gobblers Lures Curl Tails are the ideal lure for chasing a wide variety of fish, especially when you need a little more action on your lure.


Our 2 Sizes in 3" & 4" are made to create an enticing action in the water with the tail of the lure acting like a ribbon tail that can be slow retrieved or dead sticked with much more action than a Jerk Shad or Paddle Tail. This can help the angler when there is no run in the current or in a Dam or River environment.


Our Curl Tails Grubs have a beautiful ribbed design to increase vibration in the water, making it easier for the fish to locate.


Curl Tails are the perfect selection if you are chasing wild or impoundment Bass, Flathead but, are also deadly over the reef and in the estuaries on Mulloway, Snapper, Tailor, Tuna and many more.

Paddle Tails

Gobblers Lures Paddle Tails are perfect for anglers looking for an intense thumping & vibration action. It is designed to move through the water with a realistic motion that will attract fish from a distance. Its tail gives off a strong thumping vibration that you can feel through your rod tip. The paddle tail is a great choice for anglers of all levels, as it is easy to use and will bring in a variety of fish.


Our sizes are made to represent the same shape and size of the common bait fish found in Australian Waters, like Herring, Hardy Heads and Sardines.

Gobblers Lures Paddle Tails have a built-in hook slot in the belly in our 3" & 4" sizes, to give the angler a huge choice in rigging styles, like weedless or use the belly slot to fill with your favourite lure scent. Our choice is Australian made STRIKERZ and SAX scent which can be found in our "Favourite Extras".


Gobblers Paddle Tails are the perfect selection if you are chasing big Estuary species like Threadfin Salmon, Mulloway, Mangrove Jacks and Flathead and can even be slow trolled in impoundment Dams for Barramundi etc... 

mulloway jewfish caught on a 4 inch gobblers lures paddle tail in uv croc bait by david johnstone

Frog Lures

Mangrove jack frog surface lures
Bass 3 inch Frog

Soft plastic frog fishing lures are ingeniously designed imitations of real frogs, crafted to entice predatory fish such as Bass, Barramundi, Mangrove Jack, Murray Cod and trout. You can work these lures to mimic the appearance and movement of live frogs, making them irresistible to hungry fish lurking in weed beds, lily pads, and other areas where frogs are commonly found.

One of the key features of soft plastic frog lures is their weedless design, which enables them to navigate through thick vegetation without getting snagged. This makes them particularly effective in dense cover where fish often seek shelter and ambush prey. Additionally, many frog lures are equipped with sharp, concealed hooks that lie flush against the body, reducing the chances of snagging on weeds or debris.

Anglers can fish soft plastic frog lures using a variety of techniques, including stop/start retrieve, where the lure is twitched back stopped for a second and then twitched again imitating a live frog pausing and swimming.  Alternatively, they can be slowly retrieved through weed beds or allowed to sink into pockets and openings in vegetation, tempting strikes from lurking predators below. Or for spectacular high energy boofs from big Barramundi you can burn the frog back at a moderate speed. 

These lures are a must-have in any angler's tackle box for targeting predatory fish in salt or freshwater environments.

You have a choice of 2 sizes, a 3” (75mm) with a double paddle feet or the 4.5” (112mm) frogs that have curl legs proving two different effects.

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