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Why are Gobblers Lures Different?

Revolutionize Your Fishing Experience: Discover the Unparalleled Difference of Gobblers Lures!


Most fishos are immediately taken back when they first hold a Gobblers Lure in their hand! Their very first comment is usually "Wow, how do you guys make the lure change colour like that?"

Apart from being a wholly Australian Made & Owned business, Gobblers Lures has quite a few stand-alone features that all come together to produce a range of lures that have the ability to outperform any others. Our Lures don't fade, dry out or melt in your tackle tray like some other brands. They are always ready to go when you are!


The colour tones in some of our lures actually make the lure change colour in different light, but it's not just for show. It's a very important feature built into our lures to increase catch rate.


We play with light and use ingredients that both absorb and reflect UV and Natural Light. We look at how fish in their natural environment appear to other fish, not the human eye! What we see and how the fish see the same thing is very different, so we use this knowledge and build our findings into our lures.

The principals we use are based on pure Science and Anatomy! As makers of Fishing Lures, our main aim is to make lures that catch fish, even in the toughest conditions. To do this the right way, there are a few "Rules" we adhere too, to make lures that work!

4 inch paddlshad injection mold gobblers lures
gobblers lures jerk shad bait fish

Most people, when they do catch a fish, they notice the skin tone on the fish actually changes colour in different light.


A great example of a fish that does this, that you may be familiar with, is the Jewie or Mulloway. A Mulloway, at first glance, looks like a huge silver fish, but when the sun hits the skin of a Jewie, it turns a beautiful violet colour in the light. This is a common trait found in almost all fish, which allows light to bounce off their skin for one very appropriate reason, to hide! By building this feature into our range of lures, we create an extremely life like natural lure that mimics small baitfish better than anything else on the market.

It is not commonly known, but fish have super amazing vision. Fish can see as clear as day, even in the middle of the night under starlight alone! Fish also have another amazing ability that many people are unaware of. Fish can see a much broader spectrum of Ultra-violet light than humans! This has been well documented, and fish are not alone. It seems we humans are on the back foot when it comes to the range of colours and dimensions our eyes will allow us to detect. We take pride in using this knowledge to our advantage.


Whiting for example live over the white sandy bottom. It makes sense to turn your skin almost clear, to refract the light around you like a mirror, to make it seem as though you are not even there.


So how does knowing this stuff help? Well, it comes into play when you look at what fish mainly feed on. Big Fish eat Smaller Fish! Snapper, for example, love eating Whiting, Prawns, Squid and Hardy Heads. It makes sense, if you want to target Snapper, you need to make Lures that look and behave like one of these Bait Fish.


Fish also have lateral lines that run down their flanks for detecting vibration. this is easy to see in fish like mulloway/Jewfish. You can see it in the opposite photograph, the lateral line running down the side of the fish. This helps the fish hone in on prey by using the vibration detection lines on each side of their flanks to work out which direction the vibrations are coming from. You will notice all Gobblers Lures have been carefully crafted with subtle grooved patterns in the lure to pump out just the right amount of vibration to gain the attention of the fish, without spooking the fish.

mulloway jewfish
cobia caught on a gobblers lures 4.75 inch jerk shad in uv croc bait colour

Some people who have just started using plastics usually ask. How do I know what colour soft plastic to use? The general rules for this are the darker the day, overcast clouds, dusk, dawn and the murkier the water. it's best to use a dark or solid colour soft plastic. If the day is sunny and clear and the water is clear too, you start to move to your clear colours that are transparent. All you want to do is find a colour that matches the baitfish or the watercolour as close as you can and you will get results. We cover this in depth in our E book "Cracking the Code". Anyone can download a free PDF copy of "Cracking the Code" off our website here. 


There is not much need for most people to know these underwater principals in daily life but when it comes time for you to choose a fishing lure that is going to give you the best chance of catching a fish, you can rest assured that Gobblers Lures has done the groundwork for you! We understand these principals and make our lures with these principals in mind to help you land that fish of a lifetime.


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