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Gobblers Shrimp Kit contains 40 lures in total, 8 lures in each of 5 killer colours.


This is the ideal kit to have in your arsenal for Bream, Bass Flatehad when finess fishing is required these shrimp prawn patterns come into their own. Correctly weighted the drop glide down and the fish can't resist them. All colours inthe range have been tested by us with proven results.

We used hidden weights in 1/40oz - 1/32oz in size 1/0 or 2/0 hooks where thei is littel to no current. If there is a little run you can step the weight up to 1/16oz. To veiw our Australian made Jig Heads please click

An awesome Kit and well worth having on-board the boat or in the Kayak...

2.6 inch Shrimp Kit-40 Lures

  • Gobblers Shrimp Kit

    40 lures, 8 in each colour

    UV Croc Bait

    UV Pro Stinger


    Bait Fish

    Motor Oil

    1 x 5 Bay Gobblers Tackle Tray


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