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We wanted a lure that was a combination of our Jerk Shads and our Paddle Tails. The end result is a truly versatile lure that can be slow rolled or fast burned across the surface. During testing the advantages stood out right from the first cast. The long wrist tail design requires next to no speed to get it started. If using a "hop and drop" retreive, the paddle tail provides more hang time, while swimming down enticingly when most hits occur. If all of a sudden while fishing some suface action explodes around you, you don't need to change lures because it can be fast burned across the surface for adlenaline pumping surface strikes.


With this soft plastic we elected to keep it solid so it can also be cut back if the fish are feeding on smaller baits. 


This versatile lure and size is sure to become one of go to choices for anglers.



Paddle Shads

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