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STRIKERZ lure scent is the ultimate fish attractant for your fishing lures. Made with 100% natural ingredients and crafted in Australia, this powerful scent will attract fish from far and wide. STRIKERZ not only masks human odours, but helps to entice fish with its irresistible aroma. With easy-to-use soft tube packaging, you can quickly and effortlessly apply LureScent to your lures for maximum effectiveness. So why wait? Add LureScent to your tackle box today and reel in your biggest catch yet.


4 flavours to choose from in 30 ml tubes

Psycho Shrimp (Pink)

Nuclear Pilchard ( Green)

Twisted Tuna (Natural colour)

Glow Worm (green glow when activated with UV)


We aslo have a triple pack of 10ml tubes so you can find your favourite. 

Glow Worm (10ml)

Twisted Tuna (10ml)

Psycho Shrimp (10ml)


SRIKERZ Lure Scent

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