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Gobblers Lures Mixed Kit contains a variety of lure types in some of our best selling colours.


Please note there are a few colours that can bleed into other colours mostly white, pink & UV colurs. Being a mixed kit you would not want to miss out on these colours. If some colour bleeding does occur it will not affect the lure action in anyway. If you prefer this not to happen you can seperate the lures into there respective colours.

This is the ideal kit to have in your arsenal for the pure versatility and you can play with colours and styles that may well become your favourites. It's like a mixed lolly bag.

By offering this kit, we can give our customers real variety and you could buy several of these kits and never get the same combination.

An awesome Kit and well worth having on-board the boat or in the Kayak...

Mixed Kit-40 Lures

  • Gobblers small mixed Kit

    40 lures mixed styles and sizes in this kit.
    1 x 5 Bay Gobblers Tackle Tray

    Saving over $20

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