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At Gobblers we like to be a cut above the rest with the quality of the products we supply. That's why we pick our Australian made business partners very carefully. We have 2 types of mats we can offer.


The first is your traditional boating/landbased brag mat. ($34.95)

Here are some of the features incorporated into the design.


Our brag mats has an aluminimium stopper at one end that's has rounded corners for safety. At the other end there is is an additional aluminium stripe which stops the mats from curling back on itself.

To assist in keeping the mat neat and tidy in the boat we have added two velcro retainers to keep your mat rolled up and have even printed Gobblers Lures on the back so when it is rolled up you can place your hands on it easy.


Fantastic Graphic that contrasts well for reading the length of fish and photograhs.


Heavy Duty vinyl for long product life.

Australian Made



The second type we offer are Yakmats made from core-flute.($39.95)  These fold up into a small item that can be easily stored on your kayak. It can be very difficult to lay a traditional vinyl mat in the bottom of a kayak to get an accurate measurement. 


This where the this brag mat excels. When you unfold it flat the the elastic pulls both edges together to form a vee that you can lay the fish in and get a measure on it. 


This save you paddling to a sand bank etc to lay out you traditional brag mat to measure your fish. This can be impossible if it is high tide and the bank is lined with mangroves.


Once you're finished you can fold it up again for next time. 


We hope the either of the mats become your favorite Brag Mat to remember your classic catches.

Gobblers Lures Brag Mat

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