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The Gobblers Lures 4" Paddle Tail Kit is the ideal selection for chasing most of the big Estuary predators. If you love chasing monster Flathead, Mangrove Jacks, Threadfin Salmon, Jewies, Snapper and many more.. this is the ideal kit to have in your arsenal.

Gobblers 4" Paddle Tails were originally made with Big Flatties in mind and have already been responsible for some huge Flathead taken in Moreton Bay. The bonus is, there is a much wider species range that belt this lure also...


These Kits have 5 lures of each colour in them, that's a total of 25 lures in this pack and the most economical way to purchse them.

You have 2 choices..

1. The Gobblers Team selection of lure colours. Chosen to cover a wide range of water conditions from clear to murky water and consist of....


1. UV Croc Bait

2. Motor Oil

3. White Magic

4. Bait Fish

5. Lime Slammer




2. Choose your own colours by choosing the 'Pick my own 5 colours' from the drop down menu. Let us know your colour choices in the 'Add Note' order section.

An awesome Kit and well worth having on-board the boat or in the Kayak...You Save over $10 and receive Gobblers Tackle box to keep them neatly arranged.

4 inch Paddle Tail Kit-25 Lures

  • You save over $10 when purchasing this kit

    This Kit has

    25 x 4" Gobblers Paddle Tails in this kit
    1 x 5 Bay Gobblers Tackle Tray

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