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The lures have been designed for Bream primarily however, many other other fish will hit these tasty morsels. Bass, Flathead, Whiting to name just a few.


One of the problems in the past has been fishing small hard body lures is the lack of castability. These small but, deadly lures have a long cast system. On 8lb briad you can expect casts of 20-30 meters and further if you drop to a lower diameter braid. 


The tight wobble action of the lures even at slow speed is consistant and predictable. Being a floating lure you can cast them up current and allow them to float into the strike zone before cranking them down, engaging the internal rattle letting every fish in the aera know it's in their territory. 

They are a very versitile lure that are just as good over sand flats. The cast ability allows for  long probing casts to search out where the bream are feeding without spooking them.


These lures are so easy to use and are great option for beginners wanting to catch fish on light gear. You have a choice of 2 models the shallow or deep divers.


Shallow Diver

Length :            35mm

Weight:             5.2g

Shallow Diving depth: 0.8m

Hooks:               BKK


Deep Diver

Length :            35mm

Weight:             5.2g

Deep Diving depth: 2.0m

Hooks:               BKK


We are offering 5 colours.


1/ Blue Gill with balck stripes

2/ Green with black stripes

3/ Orange with black stripes

4/ Red with black stripes

5/ Yellow with black stripes


At only $12.95 each these are exception value for money.


If you would like all 5 colours we offer small Gobblers Lures FB kit for only $60 including the tackle tray. You can choose shallow or Deep divers to go in the kit. Put your prerefence in the comments section when ordering. 





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