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Gobblers Curl Tail grubs are the easiest lure to use.  Most people that start out fishing with soft palstic lures start with this type of lure. Avaible in 3" inch and 4' inch sizes. When they are swiming they extend to around 3.5"inch and 5"inch respectively. 


It doesn't matter if you rig them with the tail pointing upward or downwards both ways catch fish. However, in my experience rigging the tail downwards minimizes the tail getting hooked on the hook point when casting. 


The slim design of the body and the tail allow for maximum tail action with our blend. It is a lot more durable than most lures on th market and you can expect o many fish on the one lure. 


A slow roll is very effective retrieve with this type of lure or a slow hop and drop technique.

The smaller 3"inch size is very successful on all speices and don't let the samll size fool you. Many a monster has been caught on these lures. 


The larger 4" inch size has accounted for some huge Flathead, Mulloway, Murrray cod.







Curl Tail Grubs

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