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There is not many more exciting things than when you witness an aggressive surface strike from a large fish. The white water, loud disturbance they produce on the strike moments before your rod loads up and the reel's drag system let's you know, this could be you personal best fish. It's an exciting way to fish and these 120mm (18 gram) hand made timber lures are designed for targeting oversize Flathead in up 2 meters of water depth. When you twitch the rod tip while retrieving the lure it dives in an erratic action mimicking the last struggles of a dying bait fish. As you pause the lure rises slowly back to the surface and it is at this time you are most likely to get that water explosion.


Although designed for flathead it will work equally as good on other species that hit surface lures like Mangrove Jack, Barramundi, Trevally, Tuna the list goes on.Timber has long been recognized as a premium material to make lures from. This lure has been hand crafted before having 6 coats of epoxy resin applied and then being fitted out with 3 X strong BKK treble hooks and HD BKK Split rings. These beauties are ready to use straight from the box.


We are offering 3 colours combinations that come directly from the Gobblers Logo colours.


1/ Navy Blue top, Gold sides and an Orange belly.


2/ Navy Blue top, Orange sides and a Gold belly.


3/ White Red Gilles and Red Tail


At only $30 these are exception value for money.

Or buy 3 Bent Minnows for only $75 and save.

Bent Minnow 120mm

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