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This kit is the perfect way to start out with soft plasitcs. Why?

Because a lot of anglers that have not used soft plastic lures before are overwhelmed by all the different styles that are available.


The kit contains 8 x 3" Curl Tail lures in 5 awesome colours.

A total of 40 lures and 3 jigheads packed in a neat, convenient tackle tray. We even rig the jig heads so you can copy it for yourself.



1/ Hyper Bubble Gum

2/ UV Pro Stinger

3/ White Magic

4/ UV Croc Bait

5/ Lime Slammer


The kit contains 5 proven colours and covers all conditions. Use the bright and clearer colours on sunny days and the UV and Croc Bait colurs in low light, overcast or dirty water conditions.


The Curl Tail lures are some of the easiest to use because the tail kicks into action the moment it hits the water. Athough using braided line and flurocarbon leader material is ideal, you can use normal monofiliment line on a light spinning outfit and still catch fish.


Our advice would be to start out targeting Flathead because they take soft plastic lures readily. They are in every state of Australia and the large Dusky flathead grow to over a metre in length! It doesn't matter which flathead you have in your area, they are all good eating. Of course these lures catch all different species but you might as well start with a plentiful one.


To increase your chances of hooking a flathead click here to read our blogs on where to expect to find flathead and the techniques to catch them.

3 inch Curl Tail Grub Kit-40 lures

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