Wayne & Julie Palmer - Owners

Samson Fish_edited.png

My wife Julie and I (Wayne) are the owners Gobblers Lures and would like to share some of our background and how we come to own the Gobblers Lures business. In Victoria I had grown up catching snapper in Port Philip Bay Gummy sharks, King George whiting and Calamari in Western Port Bay. In the freshwater I love chasing Murray Cod, Yellow Belly, Trout & Redfin. In game fishing scene we would chase Mako sharks and once a year I looked forward to our annual Bermagui trip (NSW) with my father and brothers chasing the mighty Yellow Fin Tuna and Marlin. 

It was, however a trip to Tasmania that I got my first introduction to soft plastic (SP) lures. I was fishing with my trusty Rapala minnow when a boat pulled into the South Esk river boat ramp. As fisherman do, we struck up a conversation and they showed me two 7lb Atlantic salmon they had caught.These were very impressive fish and they had caught them on 4” minnow soft plastics. They were friendly guys and gave me one to try. It changed the way I fished. By the time our brief stay in Tassie was over I had caught a variety of species on the SP’s including Redfin, Trout and Australian Salmon. My highlight was catching & releasing a beautiful 5lb Atlantic salmon. From that day onwards I was hooked on using them for all sorts of species in the both fresh and salt water.

Our family moved to QLD back in 2012 and this is where I became serious about SP's fishing. I am most grateful to a fishing forum friend who introduced me to the Gobblers brand. The kids and I were having success when other people around us were not. So delighted with the fish we were snagging that I sent the photos of our captures into Gobblers. After a while the owner Andrew Turnbull contacted me asking if I would like to become a sponsored angler. It was an exciting offer and for the next 3 years I was very happy to be a part of the Gobblers team. After having a long association with the brand and truly believing in the high quality of these lures, hand made here in Brisbane, my lovely wife suggested we purchase the business when it was put up for sale.


So there it is, a long winded story of how we come about owning the business.

We look forward to many new customers enjoying the rewards of using Gobblers Lures.