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Sean Conlon - AKA "Charter Boat"

Even though Sean Conlon is not a Gobblers Lures "Sponsored Angler" he has been involved with the brand from the very beginning.


Sean Conlon is the owner of renowned fishing charter business, Moreton Bay Charters, that is highly regarded as one of South East Queensland's premier inshore charter operations.


Sean is a massive advocate of Gobblers Lures and has been finding success for himself and his customers since buying the lures for the first time just over 5 years ago.


Since then, Sean has clocked up literally thousands of catches using Gobblers Lures onboard his Charter and he has even had a hand in designing some of the colours we make for fishing Southern Moreton Bay.


Sean appears on TV regularly and is a regular column writer in Queensland's Bush & Beach Fishing Magazine and often writes about his experiences and catches using Gobblers Lures.


Having Sean on hand brings a wealth of experience, knowledge and expertise to Gobblers Lures and you can book a Charter or a Tutorial Day with Sean by calling him direct on 0433 732 310


You can order a standardised "Sean Conlon Signature" Medium Kit in the shop, decked out with the colours Sean recommends for fishing Australian waterways, his way... Just Green, Southern Sky, Pumpkin Seed, Bait Fish, Hyper Bubblegum and Camo...