SAX scent is the perfect scent to use on Gobblers Lures soft plastics. Being 100% developed and made here in Australia it works perfectly with our lures. The scents have been extensively tested by Castaway Fishing Charters and it wasn't long before the tournament anglers got a wiff of the benefits of using SAX scent to evoke a bite when the bites become tough.


We stock the 4 popular flavours. The 30 ml squeeze tube come complete with Carabiner so you can hang it of your belt keeper or, around your neck for easy reapplication.


SALT WATER Application.


Prawn flavour with a gold fleck adding another trigger point to your lure with a golden scale flash

Designed for Salt water species eg. Mangrove Jack, Flathead, Bream, Mulloway, Snapper


CRAB SAX scent
Crab flavour with a UV orange and black fleck

Designed for Salt water species but has great results with Fresh water species also eg. Mulloway, Flathead, Bream, Bass, Saratoga


A blend of fish stimulants with a Red and silver fleck to look like a scale pattern on a wounded bait fish

Designed for Salt water species eg. Bream, Flathead, Snapper, Mulloway, Whiting


FRESH WATER Applications 


Aniseed flavour with a green and silver fleck

Designed for Fresh water species eg. Murray Cod, Yellow Belly, Bass

SAX Scent