The Gobblers Lures "Special Ops" UV Glow Stick has been carefully designed by the Gobblers Team to perform on wide range of species in the Estuaries, Rivers and Offshore...

An unassuming blue colour in natural light, get out the UV torch and watch this lure come to life. Hyper UV under Black Light makes this lure radiate all through the ultra-violet spectrum, which makes it ideal for any water conditions, even night fishing.

Like all Gobblers Lures, they are carefully crafted to withstand multiple catches on the same lure, but maintaining just the right blend to ensure the Angler has maximum feel of the lure for ultimate control. With the Unique ribbed design pattern on the lures, in combination with the exclusive Gobblers UV-Light Projecting properties, Gobblers Lures will pump out just the right amount of vibration and flash to entice fish to strike hard.

Gobblers Lures - UV Glow Stick