The Gobblers Lures "Flash Bang" Tournament Snapper colour has been carefully designed to match the colour of a Snapper...

Big Snapper and Mulloway will not hesitate to eat a smaller Snapper and this lure does a great job of producing fish, even when it's tough going...

This lure has proven itself to be a high performer and has even been responsible for catching all the fish, even when others on board were using bait.

The Gobblers "Flash Bang" Series is dedicated to lures that are clear in appearance and are extremely effective on clear sunny days and clear water conditions.

Like all Gobblers Lures, they are carefully crafted to withstand multiple catches on the same lure, but maintaining just the right blend to ensure the Angler has maximum feel of the lure for ultimate control. With the Unique ribbed design pattern, Gobblers Lures will pump out just the right amount of vibration to entice fish to strike hard.

Gobblers Lures - Tournament Snapper