The Gobblers Lures "C4" Southern Sky has been carefully designed to look like a Sardine or Pilchard...mixed with the exclusive light refracting formula, it is deadly on just about everything and is an extremely effective all-rounder for the Estuaries, Bay and Offshore.

The performance of this Lure has even surprised the Gobblers Fishing Team, just for the massive variety of fish that readily take this colour.

The lure changes colour from a solid blue colour in the shade, to a clear misty grey when held to the light. A must have in any collection.

The "C4" Series of Gobblers are dedicated to Lures that change colour in different light and water conditions. It's this dramatic colour changing property in the Gobblers "C4" range of lures that out perform other lures & makes fish strike hard!

Gobblers Lures - "C4" Southern Sky

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  • An amazing Lure! As seen on TV being used by Fishing The Dream on board Moreton Bay Charters, there is nothing this lure cant catch.

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