We have been field testing different colours from our proven range and selected the 4 colours we believe to cover most water conditions you will encounter. We don't just make lures that we think fisherman will buy. We rigorously field test them before releasing them to the market. During testing the shrimp profile, we found the Bream, Flathead, Bass, Mangrove Jack, Cod and whiting would take them. There are not many fish that would refuse a well presented shrimp weighted correctly.  UV Croc Bait, is best used in low light,overcast days, however it is our best selling colour because it performs in bright sunny conditions also. UV Pro Stinger is our take on the most popular Motor Oil colour.  A very versatile lure colour and quite often is the first colour Iwill tie on. Diablo, is for clear water and bright days and with a slight red shell tone highlight it is a must for finicky fish.  Drop Shot is for in between clear and a little bit of colour in the water and is a popular colour for Flathead and other species.  Fish these on little jig heads to have them slowly fall and wait to be hit!

Gobblers Lures Shrimps

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    Please Note: We make to order. We do our best to dispatch orders as soon as we can however, it can take up to 2 weeks to make our orders depending on the current order intake. We will get them out sooner if possible. You will receive an email with your tracking number for kits and larger orders. Smaller orders of a couple of packets will not have tracking