The Gobblers Lures "C4" Red Pepper is an amazing lure to have in your box.

This colour changes from black to a red skin tone in the light. It's an outstanding all-rounder that provides a perfect contrast in the water for both clear and murky waters.

This colour has been proven over and over by Sean Conlan to catch big Flatties for himself and his customers on-board Moreton Bay Charters. For this reason, he has asked me to release this colour because of pressure from his customers to get a hold of it. They keep asking how they get it because it's just so effective...

This lure will work on just about everything, anywhere! Snapper belt it and Big Flatties smash it...

Like all Gobblers Lures, they are carefully crafted to withstand multiple catches on the same lure, but maintaining just the right blend to ensure the Angler has maximum feel of the lure for ultimate control.

With the Unique ribbed design pattern on the lures, in combination with the exclusive Gobblers UV-Light Projecting properties, Gobblers Lures will pump out just the right amount of vibration and flash to entice fish to strike hard.

Gobblers Lures - 'C4" Red Pepper