The Gobblers Lures "Special Ops" Pumpkin Seed has been carefully designed to be used in Dirty Water and low light, low visibility conditions...

This lure has proven itself to be a deadly tool on just about everything that swims in the Estuary, from Monster Flathead, to Thread-fin Salmon, Snapper and Mulloway...just to name a few..

The "Special Ops" Series is designed to work in dirty water or low light conditions and are solid in appearance.

Like all Gobblers Lures, they are carefully crafted to withstand multiple catches on the same lure, but maintaining just the right blend to ensure the Angler has maximum feel of the lure for ultimate control. With the Unique ribbed design pattern, Gobblers Lures will pump out just the right amount of vibration and flash to entice fish to strike hard.

Gobblers Lures - Pumpkin Seed

  • Originally designed for targeting big Flatties in the Shallow murky waters around mangrove flats, the Gobblers Pumpkin Seed colour has been found to work on just about all big estuary predators.