The Gobblers Lures "C4" Storm Cloud is an amazing overcast day colour with it's very unique silver and grey colour change, with skin tones built into the lure to reflect light like a bait fish!

The aim was to craft a lure that would be very effective on both overcast and sunny days and in clear or murky waters.

Designed to be an all-rounder, we set out to make a colour that would work in the toughest conditions. This is one colour you could leave on your line all day and not have to change lures.

When you hold the lure in your hand, it changes colour from a Dark Black/Silver to a completely transparent clear lure when hit in certain angles by the light. You will think your eyes are playing tricks on you. A super effective lure for a wide variety of applications, from Flatties and Snapper to Pelagics.

The "C4" Series of Gobblers are dedicated to Lures that change colour in different light and water conditions. It's this dramatic colour changing property in the Gobblers "C4" range of lures that out perform other lures & makes fish strike hard!

Gobblers Lures "C4" Storm Cloud