Most fisho's have a favorite lure! A lure that you can go to that you know just works and works, time and time again. For me, this is about as close to perfection as one could get as a lure maker.

The Gobblers Lures "C4" Shazam will become legendary for that reason. This colour is so unique and so carefully crafted that it stands alone among all others....

This lure changes colour in the light to turn fish on. It's colours move between a solid Aqua Green to a Silver colour, then transforms and goes transparent when held to the light.... It's always changing!

The intention was to make a lure that closely matched the iridescent colour tones found on big Green back Tailor and Slimy Mackerel with the vision that it would get smashed by everything that swims, in any situation.

The "C4" Series of Gobblers are dedicated to Lures that change colour in different light and water conditions. It's this dramatic colour changing property in the Gobblers "C4" range of lures that out perform other lures & makes fish strike hard!

Gobblers Lures - "C4" Shazam

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