When setting out to make a lure that matches the hatch, we invested a heap of time and effort into coming up with a colour that would be dynamite on everything that swims. 

The Gobblers Lures "C4" Bait Fish is a very effective colour and shares the same colour characteristics found in most of the common bait fish found in Australian waters.

Not many fish ignore this colour and it makes it easy to target a wide variety of species.

The lure changes colour from a Clear to an Aqua Green colour when hit in certain angles by the light just like the bait fish. A must have in any collection.

The "C4" Series of Gobblers are dedicated to Lures that change colour in different light and water conditions. It's this dramatic colour changing property in the Gobblers "C4" range of lures that out perform other lures & makes fish strike hard!

Gobblers Lures - Bait Fish"C4"

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