The 6" Paddle Tail Medium Kits are jammed with seriously big Gobblers 6" Paddle Tails.

These lures have an amazing action in the water to entice even the toughest fish to strike...

This kit is the ideal pick for big Flathead, Mulloway, Murray Cod, GT's, Big Jacks, Threadfin Salmon, Cod and many more...all neatly stacked in their very own Medium Kit.

As you can see by the volume..these Lures uses a serious amount of Plastic, and each column in the tray is only just big enough to hold one packet each. That's enough plastic to make an entirely new Medium Kit that holds 96 Lures in total.


The 6" Paddle Tail Kit holds....6 x Packs of 6" Paddle Tails - (24 Lures)

 24 Big Lures in this kit.

You have 2 choices..


1. The Gobblers Team selection of lure colours. Chosen to cover a wide range of water conditions from clear to murky water and consist of....


1. UV Croc Bait

2. Southern Sky

3. White Magic

4. Bait Fish

5. Lime Slammer

6. Hyper Bubblegum




2. Choose your own colours by choosing the 'Pick my own 6 colours' from the drop down menu. Let us know your colour choices in the 'Add Note' order section.

With 6 deadly packs in this kit (24 Lures), you will have everything you need to take on the big trophy fish. These Kits are also an ideal gift for the keen Fisho in the family...Save $30

This is an awesome specialist kit, packed with deadly colours from the Gobblers range that are proven to catch a wide variety of fish.

Gobblers Lures 6" Paddle Tail Kit-24 Lures

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