If you want BIG fish, then you're going to need BIG Plastics!

The Gobblers Expedition XXL Jerk Shad Kit offers our new supersized 11" & 8" Jerk Shads and opens the door to a whole new world of chasing monster fish offshore and in the estuaries on plastics.

It's made up of a modified Large Kit that contains...
12 x 11" Gobblers Lures Jerk Shads &
6 x 8" Gobblers Jerk Shads.

You have 2 choices..


1. The Gobblers Team selection of lure colours. Chosen to cover a wide range of water conditions from clear to murky water and consist of....


1. Aged Copper

2. Southern Sky

3. White Magic

4. Bait Fish

5. Lime Slammer

6. Hyper Bubblegum




2. Choose your own colours by choosing the 'Pick my own 6 colours' from the drop down menu. Let us know your colour choices in the 'Add Note' order section.

The 11" Jerk Shads are ideally matched to 8/0 Hook Sized Jig Heads or bigger.

The 8" Jerk Shads are a good match with 6/0 or 7/0 Jig Heads

Gobblers Expedition XXL Jerk Shad Kit

AU$175.00 Regular Price
AU$149.95Sale Price
Choose Your Gobblers Kits
  • Gobblers Lures Expedition XXL Jerk Shad Kit - $149.95
    12 x 11" Jerk Shads
    6 x 8" Jerk Shads

    Bonus Large Gobblers Tackle Tray to keep them safe.

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