Don't be fooled, the Gobblers Lures 3.75" Jerk Shad is one of the most versatile lures we make and has been responsible for catching some of our biggest fish...
Check out the videos page to see the huge variety of fish taken on these lures...

You have 2 choices..

1. The Gobblers Team selection of lure colours. Chosen to cover a wide range of water conditions from clear to murky water and consist of....


1. Aged Copper

2. Southern Sky

3. White Magic

4. Bait Fish

5. Lime Slammer




2. Choose your own colours by choosing the 'Pick my own 5 colours' from the drop down menu. Let us know your colour choices in the 'Add Note'  order section. 


This is the ideal kit to have in your arsenal for their pure versatility.

The 3.75" Jerk Shads catch everything from Barra up north to big Longtail Tuna, and of course Big Snapper. Not many fish will ignore this lure with it's bait fish profile and size.

An awesome Kit and well worth having on-board the boat or in the Kayak...

Gobblers Lures 3.75" Jerk Shad Kit-30 Lures

AU$55.00 Regular Price
AU$44.95Sale Price
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  • This kit saves you over $10

    The Kit has

    30 lures in each kit.
    1 x 5 Bay Gobblers Tackle Tray

Please Note: We make to order. We do our best to dispatch orders as soon as we can however, it can take up to 2 weeks to make our orders depending on the current order intake. We will get them out sooner if possible. You will receive an email with your tracking number for kits and larger orders. Smaller orders of a couple of packets will not have tracking