Why are Gobblers Lures Different?

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Most fishos are immediately taken back when they first hold a Gobblers Lure in their hand! Their very first comment is usually "Wow, how do you guys make the lure change colour like that?"...


Apart from being a wholly Australian Made & Owned business, Gobblers Lures has quite a few stand-alone features that all come together to produce a range of lures that have the ability to outperform any others. Our Lures don't fade, dry out or melt in your tackle tray like some other brands... their always ready to go when you are!


The colour tones we place in our lures actually make the lure change colour in different light, but it's not just for show. It's a very important feature built into our lures to increase catch rate...



We play with light and use ingredients that both absorb and reflect UV and Natural Light. We look at how fish in their natural environment appear to other fish, not the human eye! What we see and how the fish see the same thing is very different, so we use this knowledge and build our findings into our Lures...



The principals we use are based on pure Science and Anatomy! As makers of Fishing Lures, our main aim is to make lures that catch fish, even in the toughest conditions. To do this the right way, there are a few "Rules" we adhere too, to make lures that work!


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