Why are Gobblers Lures Different?

Soft Plastic Fishing Lures Australia

Notice the Mulloway's skin turns violet

Most people, when they do catch a fish, they notice the skin tone on the fish actually changes colour in different light.


A great example of a fish that does this, that you may be familiar with, is the Jewie or Mulloway... A Mulloway, at first glance, looks like a huge silver fish, but when the sun hits the skin of a Jewie, it turns a beautiful violet colour in the light. This is a common trait found in almost all fish, which allows light to bounce off their skin for one very appropriate reason,...to hide! By building this feature into our "C4" range of Lures, we create an extremely lifelike natural lure that mimics small baitfish better than anything else on the market.


It is not commonly known, but fish have super amazing vision. Fish can see as clear as day, even in the middle of the night under starlight alone! Fish also have another amazing ability that many people are unaware of... Fish can see a much broader spectrum of Ultra-violet light than humans! This has been well documented, and fish are not alone. It seems we humans are on the back foot when it comes to the range of colours and dimensions our eyes will allow us to detect. We take pride in using this knowledge to our advantage...


We also understand actual colour plays a huge part in the underwater kingdom.  For example, why do Mangrove Jack choose the colour Red to make up their skin tone? Why does the humble whiting take on an almost transparent milky white colour? The answers to these questions are very simple, as long as you understand the reasoning and behaviour of certain fish and the environment in which they live. Colour also comes into play with different water conditions.