Gobblers Lures "Sponsored Anglers"

Gobblers Lures have exploded in recent years, and a lot of this success comes down to the Team behind the brand. 


Gobblers Lures don't just invest a heap of effort and time into making Australia's finest soft plastics, they also invest a heap of time and effort into the people that support the business.


Gobblers Lures Sponsored Anglers are a hand-picked crew based on their performance using the Lures and their style of fishing to demonstrate just how versatile Gobblers Lures are across a variety of different fishing styles and environments all over the country. 

It's not all about being the best or catching the biggest fish...it's about the adventure and how much fun we can have along the way...


In the next few pages, we are going to introduce you to the Gobblers Lures Team Anglers, so you can get an insight into their style of fishing and their recommendations in Lure choice to help you get an edge on the style of fishing you do most...

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