Gobblers Lures "Retailers"

Planning that last minute fishing trip? Need to get a hold of some Gobblers Lures before you go? 


As Gobblers Lures have continued to prove their worth among the serious Lure Anglers around the country, we have had a huge demand to supply retail outlets from our growing customer base.


Although we will always sell our lures on our website, we feel it is important to get stocks of our lures to key locations around the country so you can get the most out of your next fishing trip.


Gobblers Lures specifically partner with select retail fishing shops based on their location, customer base and interest in stocking Gobblers Lures.


We look for shops that are the right fit for our Brand and our Retail partner's needs and we always work to support and protect the interests of our Partner network.

If you would like to find out how you can stock Gobblers Lures, please contact us for more info. Click below to see where you can pickup Gobblers Lures Kits


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