Gobblers Lures - Flathead on Pumpkin Seed

A Gobblers 4" Paddle Tail in the Pumpkin Seed Colour

Gobblers Paddle Tails...

Gobblers Paddle Tails are the ideal lure for chasing a wide variety of fish, especially when you need a little more thumping vibration action on your lure.


Our 4 Sizes are made to represent the same shape and size of the common Bait fish found in Australian Waters, like Herring, Hardy Heads and Sardines.

and you can have these 4 sizes in any colour we offer in our online shop.


Gobblers Lures Paddle Tails have a built-in hook slot in the belly in our 3", 4" & 6" sizes, to give the angler a huge choice in rigging styles, like weedless snakehead Riggs etc, for casting into the structure or weed beds.


Gobblers Paddle Tails are the perfect selection if you are chasing big Estuary species like Threadfin Salmon, Mulloway, Mangrove Jacks and Flathead and can even be slow trolled in Impoundment Dams for Barramundi etc...


Gobblers Paddle Tails are designed to swim dead straight on fast retrieves and create a superior action in the water that drives fish nuts. They are also great for beginners, as the Paddle Tail action does a lot of the Hard work for you...

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