Gobblers Lures - Violet Smoke

A Gobblers 6" Jerk Shad in the Pumpkin Seed Colour

Gobblers Jerk Shads...

Gobblers Lures Jerk Shads are unique and have been specifically designed to out-perform other lures in almost all environments.

Our range covers 6 different sizes in the Jerk Shad style, and you can have these sizes in any colour we offer in our online shop.


Gobblers Lures Jerk Shads have a built-in hook slot in the belly in our 3.75", 4.75"  6", 8" & 11" sizes, to give the angler a huge choice in rigging styles. The longer tails create superior action on the lure in combination with the subtle ribbed design pattern on the lure to create vibration.

Gobblers Jerk Shads are designed to swim dead straight on fast retrieves which make them ideal for sight casting at big Pelagic's like busting Tuna, Wahoo and Mackerel and are deadly on Reef species like Snapper & Spangled Emperor etc when hopped off the bottom.