Gobblers Soft Plastic Fishing Lures

A 3" Gobblers Curl Tail in the Diablo Colour

Gobblers Curl Tails...

Gobblers Lures Curl Tails are the ideal lure for chasing a wide variety of fish, especially when you need a little more action on your lure.


Our 2 Sizes in 3" & 4" are made to create an enticing action in the water with the tail of the lure acting like a ribbon tail that can be slow retrieved or Dead Sticked with much more action than a Jerk Shad or Paddle Tail. This can help the angler when there is no run in the current or in a Dam or River environment.


Gobblers Lures Curl Tails have a beautiful ribbed design to increase vibration in the water, making it easier for the fish to locate.


Gobblers Curl Tails are the perfect selection if you are chasing wild or impoundment Bass and Barramundi, but are also deadly over the reef and in the estuaries on Mulloway, Snapper, Tailor, Tuna and many more.


Gobblers Curl Tails are designed to swim dead straight on fast retrieves and create a superior action in the water that drives fish nuts. They are also great for beginners, as the Curl Tail action does a lot of the hard work for you...