Why are Gobblers Lures Different?

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Notice the Subtle Ribbed Design on Gobblers Lures

​​Understanding all these things gives one a huge advantage when setting out to actually make a fishing lure that will catch a fish. Once we understand these principals, it makes it possible to hone a lure that works or even allows us to hone it down so narrowly, that we can even make lures to target specific species...


Some people who have just started using plastics usually ask...How do I know what colour soft plastic to use? The general rules for this are... the Darker the Day, dusk and dawn and the murkier the water...you use a dark, solid colour soft plastic. If the day is sunny and clear and the water is clear too, you start to move to your clear colours that are transparent. All you want to do is find a colour that matches the baitfish or the watercolour as close as you can...and you will get results. We cover this in depth in our new book "Cracking the Code". Anyone can download a free PDF copy of "Cracking the Code" off our website here. 


There is not much need for most people to know these underwater principals in daily life...but when it comes time for you to choose a fishing lure that is going to give you the best chance of catching a fish, you can rest assured that the Team at Gobblers Lures has done the groundwork for you! We understand these principals and make our lures with these principals in mind to help you land that fish of a lifetime.


For now, you can order Gobblers Lures in our Online Shop on this website or you will find Gobblers Lures in Specialist Tackle Shops in the near future. If you own a Tackle store and would like to stock Gobblers Lures, please contact us and we will get back to you ASAP.