Why are Gobblers Lures Different?

Gobblers Soft Plastic Fishing Lures Australia

A Mangrove Jack could not Resist the Diablo Colour

To answer the questions I have raised here, Mangrove Jack primarily hunt at night. The colour Red is one of the first colours to completely disappear as dark approaches. It makes complete sense if you are a predator that hunts at night, to use the colour red to your advantage, too sneak up on prey undetected... until it's too late anyway... 


The same goes for Whiting that lives over the white sandy bottom. It makes sense to turn your skin almost clear, to refract the light around you like a mirror, to make it seem as though you are not even there.


So how does knowing this stuff help? Well, it comes into play when you look at what fish mainly feed on. Big Fish eat Smaller Fish! Snapper, for example, love eating Whiting, Prawns, Squid and Hardy Heads. It makes sense, if you want to target Snapper, you need to make Lures that look and behave like one of these Bait Fish...


To Match the Whiting, we make a colour called Drop Shot. To match the Prawns, we make a colour called Bay Bandit and to match the Hardy Head, well, we make a colour called Hardy Head & Bait Fish.

All of these colours are deadly on Snapper and many more species that feed on this bait...so as you can gather...it is vitally important to understand what goes on under the water to ensure you have the best chance of catching a fish on a Lure.


Fish also have lateral lines that run down their flanks for detecting vibration. Fish can hone in on prey by using the vibration detection lines on each side of their flanks to work out which direction the vibrations are coming from. You will notice all Gobblers Lures have been carefully crafted with subtle grooved patterns in the lure to pump out just the right amount of vibration to gain the attention of the fish, without spooking the fish...





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