David Bluett - AKA "Tropical Dave"

Dave Bluett is a mad keen Angler and his fearless sense of adventure is what has earned him the nickname "Tropical Dave". 


You'd have to be a bit Tropical to do some of the stuff Dave has been known to do, like jumping in the water with Tiger Sharks and handling the world's most venomous Sea Snakes (not recommended) but it's because of this crazy childlike adventurous spirit, we call Dave one of our own.


Dave is the longest standing Gobblers Lures Sponsored Angler and has been on the Team for just over 4 years. Originally a Redland Bay local from Moreton Bay in South East QLD, Dave discovered how effective Gobblers Lures were in his local area and was a very supportive customer before he was invited to the Team. 

Now based in Cairns in Tropical North QLD, Dave specialises in taking on some of the most popular Australian sports fish that are prolific in this area - from Longtail Tuna, Barra, Mangrove Jacks, Coral Trout (like the one pictured), Cod, Spanish Mackerel, Wahoo and many more.


Dave has proven time and time again, just how versatile Gobblers Lures really are and why we have Dave as a Gobblers Lures Team Angler.


Dave recommends for taking North... Diablo, Hyper Bubblegum, Shaman, Pro-Stinger UV, Red Pepper and White Magic...

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