Darren Hudson - AKA "Dazza"

Darren Hudson is another new Member to the Gobblers Lures crew.


Darren brings real meaning to the word "Keen". As an active member of the Gold Coast Fishing Club, you can find Darren, often Mid Week, hitting all the Inshore and Offshore waterways on the hunt for Big Flathead, Snapper and Jewies.


Darren has a naturally competitive spirit but it doesn't come across as arrogant... He is one of the nicest, easy to talk to blokes on the scene and share's his knowledge openly with anyone who takes interest and this is why he is a perfect fit for the Gobblers Lures Crew.


Darren regularly fishes the Major Comps around the state and sometimes interstate also and has been lucky enough to find himself on the podium of quite a few.


Darren has found quick success using Gobblers Lures and will hone it down even more over the coming months, so watch for our Newsletters on our Facebook Page!


Keen, capable and dedicated..you can't ask for much more than that!


Darren has modified his Medium Kit to fit his Target Fish, with colours and profiles perfectly suited to targeting the big Flathead, Snapper and Jewies.


Dazza recommends for fishing Australian waterways, his way... Pro Stinger UV, White Magic, Camo, Hyper Bubblegum, Pumpkin Seed and UV Glow Stick...

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