Beau Fox - AKA "The Duke"

Beau Fox is a country lad a heart, with a passion for fishing that never dilutes. Beau is all over Social Media and understands the importance of how to represent a Brand to the younger crew. 


Beau is a staunch advocate for everything Australian and his Lure choice is no different. You can't miss Beau, with his signature Aussie cowboy Akubra and an approachable smile that tells you how down to earth Beau really is.


Beau is a SEQ freshwater specialist and can be found chasing Bass on the many QLD impoundment Dams and Rivers. Beau is also a specialist in saltwater river and estuary fishing and it's common to find Beau around the mouth of the Logan River, Brisbane River or around Jumpinpin chasing Flathead, Jewies, Snapper and many more...


It was Beau's passion for Australian Made Lures that lead him to use Gobblers Lures, and his passion for the brand was instant, getting results no matter where he took them.


Beau is well connected, has an awesome attitude and he's always keen to wet a line. It was only natural that we invited such a versatile Angler onto the Gobblers Lures Sponsored Anglers Team.


Beau's diversity of fishing is a great mix to the team!


You can order a "Beau Fox" Medium Kit with 4" Curl Tails in place of the 3.75" Jerk Shads in the shop, decked out with the colours Beau recommends for fishing Australian waterways, his way... Aged Copper, Wahoo Wacker, Bronze Aussie, Diablo, White Magic and Hyper Bubblegum...

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