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Barry Goode - AKA "MacGyver"

Barry Goode has been involved in Gobblers Lures from the very beginning. It's Barry's ability to fix or build anything that has earned him the nickname "MacGyver"...


Barry was an old school "Bait Fisho" before discovering how effective soft plastics were. Barry made the switch to using soft lures and has never looked back, clocking up some amazing catches along the way.


Barry's motto, "Fish light to get the Bite" and I have seen him land numerous fish on light gear that many would consider impossible.


Barry has had a huge hand in the development of Gobblers Lures and has developed some of the Gobblers lure colours some people consider some of the best in the market, like Mangrove Mauler, Wahoo Wacker, Shazam and a few more...


Barry specialises in light offshore, estuary and bay fishing and demands a high-performance product that can cover him for his versatile fishing style. Barry swears by Gobblers Lures as the best Australian made soft plastics you can buy and you will find Barry's boat riddled with Gobblers kits for any situation.


Barry will always have a hand in the development of Gobblers Lures and we are proud to call him one of our own.


You can order a standardised "Team Selection" Medium Kit in the shop, decked out with the colours Barry recommends for fishing Australian waterways, his way...