Andrew Turnbull - AKA "Trigger"

Andrew Turnbull is the founder of Gobblers Lures and is the driving force behind the brand that has captured the attention of so many of Australia's top Anglers.


Andrew's vision for Gobblers Lures was very simple! Create Australia's finest high-performance soft plastics... but do it in Australia...not offshore...


Andrew started Gobblers Lures in late 2012 and was a huge fan of Soft Plastics already. Andrew saw a massive amount of imported Chinese product on the Australian shelves, re-branded as "Australian Made" and it annoyed him that no Aussie Lure makers were making high-quality soft plastics in our own backyard for the types of fishing and fish we have, so Andrew set out to change all that.


Andrew's aim was to make Lures so good, that the average Aussie Angler would have a red-hot chance of putting on a Gobblers plastic without knowing too much about using them and be in line for a fish of a lifetime. It may seem a bit far-fetched, but when you see the images in the Gallery, you will soon understand that it happens, all the time, using Gobblers Lures...


Andrew invests a huge amount of time and effort in research and development of each colour before it's ever offered to the public. Andrew can be found most weekends in the workshop making lures to fill orders, and the rest of the time he hits the water to enjoy and test his creations.

Andrew is also the founder of - A new Free Classified Platform exclusively for Fishing & Boating to give Aussie Business a fair go.


Andrew recommends a "Team Selection" Medium Kit in the shop, decked out with the colours Andrew recommends for starting out with Gobblers Lures...

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